Professional Bio

Besides my work as a printmaker and photographer, I've worked in the software industry for about fifteen years - most of that time as a product manager. I've worked in markets as diverse as mobile security, application lifecycle management, and 3D industrial inspection. This focus, or lack of focus depending on how you look at it, reflects my educational background and personal interests. I spent about six years studying philosophy as and undergraduate and graduate student. I am a generalist at heart and a Swiss Army Knife of a guy. I enjoy research, writing, and problem solving, and you can throw just about anything my way. Give me the time and I'll take on almost any project just to see how it's done. 

I particularly enjoy projects that involve research and writing and would like to expand my professional experience outside product management with freelance or full-time assignments. If you could use someone with my skills, take a look at my resume and contact me about assignments like:

  • Long or short form writing projects
  • Managing your products
  • Competitive analysis and research
  • Wireframing and UI/UX work
  • Running a small software company

Of course, I am also interested in collaborating on photography projects and printing your work. For more information on atelier services, visit my services page.